Marshmallow People Trailer

So the first trailer for the 'Marshmallow Project' has been completed and uploaded to the website as well as social media.  The music in the trailer is also on the album, the name of the song is 'Lush II', a very mellow/ambient creation that lends itself very well to marshmallow imagery.  You may view the trailer here:

Click here to view the trailer on YouTube

The tracking for the album is almost done, we have a few more horn parts to record, a few percussion parts, a vocal here and there, and maybe a guitar or two.., I anticipate the final mixing to take place in June - and hopefully wrapped up by early July!

We are on schedule, and this is going to be a very cool final product, I really can't wait to share it!

All for now, 

B U B B A  F O N T A I N E


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