About Bubba Fontaine

Bubba Fontaine is an American experimental songwriter, composer, guitarist, multimedia artist, and maker from Indianapolis, Indiana. His music is eclectic and sometimes, deliberately, a little bizarre. No single musical genre encapsulates the entire Fontaine catalog. Bubba’s aural creations have been described or labeled as all of the following: experimental, progressive fusion, rock, Avant-Garde chamber, and ambient electronic music. 

The Fontaine musical ensemble changes frequently and is designed to shape-shift depending on the musical direction and requirements. More recent ensembles have included members of the Straight Up Chumps, the Max Allen Band, Lynzi Stringer, Tracksuit Lyfestyle, Ultravolt, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, among others. Mixing and combining sounds and textures from various talented musicians from around the globe is the backbone of Bubba Fontaine.

By the time you get to “Fat Kid in a Pneumatic Tube,” synthesizers take on a more melodic form. The title seems quite fitting to me in that this song is like that personified-- you have the squelching “fat kid” synth being propelled by a smoother “pneumatic tube” beat. Words cannot do this number justice, but that’s sort of the feeling I get from it. ” - Joseph Krebaum

Pitch Perfect

Bubba writes some pretty intricate and very entertaining music and he finds some of the best musicians around to pull it off. The new album, Robots of Gaia, is a solid, complete album. One tune leads the listener into the next tune as a narrative unfolds about our friend, Ollie the plump little alien.” - Richard Dole

Have You Heard Jazz

The Marshmallow CD is banging'. I love it's squiggly goodness. This is a level of composition and virtuosity we don't really see on a local level. Awesome!”

— MP Cavalier - musician/songwriter/local legend

...the music and artwork together make me feel like I've been on a 42 minute acid trip...”

— Chris Haskett - musician, and extroverted introvert

I can't listen to some of this stuff alone in a dark place!!!!!”

— David Hess - singer/songwriter/banjo player

It's almost like a futuristic "Exotica" at some points. I think what you've done would be at home in a movie score, for sure. And kudos for putting out your own music, your own way.”

— Ryan Michael Gibbons - musician/recording engineer

Dude, that tune is really good man! Usually that kind of Zappa/Late-Beatles vibe is cool in concept but terrible in execution, but you nailed it. It's artsy, but it's really well done; the art concept isn't superseding the music.I also liked the production. Every thing sounds really cohesive except the lead guitar, which sounded almost unprocessed and gave this cool, "standing by itself" quality that really fed into the Zappa vibe.Really good man, and I feel like the song and the music know what it is, which means it's well produced, which is rare with independent artists.I'm super excited for the full album; I'll definitely purchase myself a copy when it comes out.”

— Trevor Johnson - guitarist/producer/recording engineer