New Album Available - Marshmallow People

I don't always wrap CD's, but when I do it's with marshmallow wrapping paper for my 'Kickstarter crew'!  It is officially here, and available!  Our pre-order campaign through 'Kickstarter' was a success, and now the album 'Marshmallow People' can be ordered directly through my website.  I'm so excited, and relieved, to have this project completed.  The video accompaniment will be uploaded next week.  

After the holiday weekend, my focus will shift back to composition... which I'm really looking forward to.  I will be putting a new project together which will hopefully be performed live... but probably not until mid-2020.  More on that later, for now, thank you and enjoy your beverage of choice while cranking up the psychedelic sounds of 'Marshmallow People'!


B U B B A  F O N T A I N E

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