December 2020

Good morning, Friends.

It has been a busy few weeks.  In the studio, we've had Shaan France, Nate Gray, and Lynzi Stringer all here at various times to lay down tracks for the upcoming LP - Quarantine Hygiene.  I'm anticipating a Spring/Summer release - perhaps this time on a physical medium.  We play that by ear for now.

The short film that I wrote is almost finished.  I still have some more editing, but the deadline for the film fest that we are submitting to is March 5th, 2021, so it will definitely be done by early spring.  The new working title is 'Get It Out'.

I've also started a few different chamber pieces of music.  One for solo flute with electronics, one for woodwinds and percussion, and a larger ensemble (woodwinds, strings, and percussion).  I think all three of these pieces of music will be completed in 2021.

I also have been asked to produce a short EP for my friend Lynzi Stringer.  More on that soon.

All for now, my friends.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holiday season!

Much love.


bubba fontaine

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