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We are looking forward to the release of Time Fragment - a "serious" piece of music for woodwinds, trombone, and percussion.  Please, mark your calendars for Friday, June 24th to give it a spin!  

QH available on CD - for a penny! 

It's here, friends, and it's pretty rad! Quarantine Hygiene is now available in a compact disc format. 

(A compact disc (CD for short) is a digital optical disc format that provides a more dynamic and more refined sound quality, compared to streaming audio.  Not only is the audio superior, but CD's typically contain artwork that represents or visually depicts the album's story.)

For a limited time, we are offering the QH EP for only a penny (plus shipping) - grab one while supplies last!


Onward and upward.

b u b b a  f o n t a i n e


Quarantine Hygiene - Official Release! 

Friends - 

QH is finally here.  I consider it a self-reflection of 2020, and how my thoughts and emotions changed throughout the course of the year.  Stream it on any of your favorite streaming platforms, buy it on Bandcamp, or wait just a few weeks for HARD COPIES on little round silvery discs... more on that later.

Onward and upward.

bubba fontaine and friends

Where'd the time go ??? 


Six months without a blog post.  How time flies...

We've been busy.  Putting the final touches on 'Quarantine Hygiene' - it's release is still TBD - likely in the Fall, 2021.  Other things happening too.... stay tuned.

Get It Out - (short film trailer) 

Hi Everyone - 

I'm excited to share the trailer to my first short film -  'Get It Out'.  If you have already seen it on social - thank you for watching, sharing, liking, etc. 

YouTube Link - Click HERE

I have submitted the entire film to several film festivals, many of which are here in Indy.  I'm crossing my fingers to see it (and hear it) on the big screen. 

Onward and upward. 

(aka Bubba Fontaine) 
composer, producer, multimedia artist 

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December 2020 

Good morning, Friends.

It has been a busy few weeks.  In the studio, we've had Shaan France, Nate Gray, and Lynzi Stringer all here at various times to lay down tracks for the upcoming LP - Quarantine Hygiene.  I'm anticipating a Spring/Summer release - perhaps this time on a physical medium.  We play that by ear for now.

The short film that I wrote is almost finished.  I still have some more editing, but the deadline for the film fest that we are submitting to is March 5th, 2021, so it will definitely be done by early spring.  The new working title is 'Get It Out'.

I've also started a few different chamber pieces of music.  One for solo flute with electronics, one for woodwinds and percussion, and a larger ensemble (woodwinds, strings, and percussion).  I think all three of these pieces of music will be completed in 2021.

I also have been asked to produce a short EP for my friend Lynzi Stringer.  More on that soon.

All for now, my friends.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holiday season!

Much love.


bubba fontaine

Halloween Updates 

Yo.  Fierce productivity in the studio lately.  Several rather big projects in the works.  All of which, should be launching soon... next on the list is 'Excuse Me' for String Quartet.  Several members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra were kind enough to come and record this piece of music.  I'm hoping that it will be delivered to all streaming platforms by 10/31/20.  After that, the main priority is finishing the short film 'Get It Out' starring Lynzi Stringer, Jeff Cooper, and Seagers Rodriguez.  More on the way!  


Much love, 

b u b b a  f o n t a I n e

Robots of Gaia - First Week - and Updates 

Good morning, Friends -  

I can't thank you all enough for checking out 'Robots of Gaia'.  We had a fantastic album release week.  Between the top platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Bandcamp), we have had over 1000 streams, over 100 downloads, 4 digital album purchases, and featured on 2 playlists, and one podcast interview!  So, again, thank you for your love and support!  I'm absolutely floored with the response... 

So, what am I working on now?   

Well, I certainly haven't stopped writing/creating.  In fact, I have multiple projects going on all at the same time.  I wrote a script for a short film (it's a stoner dark comedy) that I'm going to submit to a specific film festival next spring.  We plan to start filming it this summer.  I have material put together for my next EP that will be titled "Quarantine Hygiene" - hoping to release before the end of 2020.  I have a second "digital short" about an argument with an ice maker (should be funny).  And lastly, I have a rather lengthy chamber piece for woodwinds and percussion that I'm going to record, release as a single, AND create a video for called "Time Fragment". 

So many projects, and not enough time in the day.  :) 

Writing updates like this keeps me on task, funny last night I had to write down all my ideas and prioritize them, otherwise they don't get done... 

Stay well out there, friends.  And, Thank You again, for listening to my work! 

Much Love,  

b u b b a  f o n t a i n e

New Single Release - Ollie 

The first single from 'Robots of Gaia' is now available on all your favorite streaming services.  A reggae version of an old classic called 'Ollie' - hope you enjoy!


Robots of Gaia tracking = Completed! 

Hello Friends and Robot lovers,

I'm excited to report that the tracking for my next album "Robots of Gaia" has been completed!  AND, I just finished one of the first videos for this project... check it out below:


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