King of the Squid on VINYL NOW SHIPPING

Yo!  Here's your chance to own a piece of history!  King of the Squid, the latest album released by your favorite gang of misfits, is now available to pre-order on VINYL!  Get yours while they last!  Scroll down to place your order... We should be shipping units out by the end of January 2023.  

It's here folks! We'll be shipping all pre-orders out after the holidays! King of the Squid also goes live on all streaming platforms on February 3rd, 2023.

King of the Squid: Vinyl
  • King of the Squid: Vinyl
  • King of the Squid: Vinyl

King of the Squid: Vinyl

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A 2023 release, and our first release in vinyl format. This ‘nautically themed’ record has an embedded story about the mighty King of the Squid, and his little squid friends.

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King of the Squid - VINYL NOW SHIPPING 

Hey Octo-friends, 

Our records came in sooner than expected, so we are now shipping!  All pre-orders have been fulfilled, thank you so much for supporting our music.  

All proceeds are supporting the next project 'Variations of Jane' - a chamber piece of music with woodwinds, strings, and percussion.

Onward and upwards, 

Bubba Fontaine and his little squid friends.

Pre-Ordering goes live! 

Hi Everyone, 

Uber excited to share our "octo-vision" with you on vinyl.  'King of the Squid' dates back a few years, however this is a really cool version with some nautically themed supplemental tracks to enhance your listening experience...  

We'll keep you posted on its shipping status along the way.  At the moment, we've been told January 26th.  (this could easily shift)

Thank you again for being part of the journey.

onward and upwards.



(aka Cletus)