Peppermint Chocolate - Official Release Day

Peppermint Chocolate, a collaboration with Nate Gray and our friends of UltraVolt, is finally here!  This 10 track album is the result of an afternoon improvisational music session, and is a very different vibe compared to earlier releases.  Be on…

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The Blob

Meet - “the Blob” - he's a cool little creature that lives in my garage.  Sometime while doing projects he'll come out to say hello!

The Meta-Fusion Demos - on Bandcamp

The Meta-Fusion project dates back to the early 2000's when Squid King was just getting off the ground in Bloomington, Indiana.  The album was finished, but then sat on my desk for years… this is back when CD's were a…

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Rusty - (behind the scenes photoshoot) 12/17/22

In hindsight, we should have made an official music video for this track... it's just too funny.  One of these days I might share the story on how this track was constructed, but for now, please enjoy some behind the…

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King of the Squid - VINYL NOW SHIPPING

Hey Octo-friends,  

Our records came in sooner than expected, so we are now shipping!  All pre-orders have been fulfilled, thank you so much for supporting our music.   

All proceeds are supporting the next project 'Variations of Jane' - a chamber…

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Time Fragment - Ready for your ear holes!

Time Fragment - a "serious" piece of music for woodwinds, trombone, and percussion released on June 24th and is now available on all your favorite streaming services.  We hope you have time to enjoy it.  Onwards and upwards.

Quarantine Hygiene - Official Release!

Friends - 

QH is finally here.  I consider it a self-reflection of 2020, and how my thoughts and emotions changed throughout the course of the year.  Stream it on any of your favorite streaming platforms, buy it on Bandcamp…

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Where'd the time go ???


Six months without a blog post.  How time flies...

We've been busy.  Putting the final touches on 'Quarantine Hygiene' - it's release is still TBD - likely in the Fall, 2021.  Other things happening too.... stay tuned.