Marshmallow People - It's Complete!

Exciting news, Friends! 

The final mixes, as well as the album artwork, for the 'Marshmallow People' project have been finished!  Yippie!  

Last week I had an opportunity to send two of the tracks to Uptown Sound Productions, a mastering studio…


Junkman's Junk - Video Upload

The video for Junkman's Junk did not quite turn out as it was originally intended.  The original idea was to have a time-lapse sequence that was compressed into a short amount of video, and set to music.  I had set…

Marshmallow People Trailer

So the first trailer for the 'Marshmallow Project' has been completed and uploaded to the website as well as social media.  The music in the trailer is also on the album, the name of the song is 'Lush II', a…

'The Marshmallow People' - Stop Motion Film UPDATE

Progress was made this weekend on my short stop motion film.  The backdrop is just about complete, and the video for the sky has also been finished.  I'm anticipating to start filming in the next few weeks.  This video is…

Backyard Tire Fire is now available! 

It is here!  The newest 'Fontaine' album, Backyard Tire Fire.  

Fontaine is:

Bubba Fontaine aka Bubba Fontaine – vocals, guitars, Moog, redneck pool heaters 

Graham Brown aka Aloysius 'White Chocolate' Fontaine – vocals, bass guitar, MicroKorg, Moog…

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