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Robots of Gaia

Bubba Fontaine

The alien inhabited planet of Gaia is under attack by an evil robot army led by the fireball slinging leader, Cerafin. Ollie, and his friend Amina, rally their plump alien troops to Escape the planet by means of magical vanishing powers... or so the story goes.

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Marshmallow People

Bubba Fontaine

The music from the album 'Marshmallow People' attempts to tell the story of a young man whose ultimate quest is simple; to find love, money, the man with glass eyes, and a ride to the nearest gas station to pick up some smokes...

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Squirrel Soup Sessions

Bubba Fontaine

On December 30th, 2018, the decision was made to have a recording session that included three musicians who had never played together previously. There were no rehearsals, no preconceived parts or structures, strictly improvised mayhem. This is the result of that experience.

Listen to it here:

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Backyard Tire Fire


Beware the pyro-pups for the Fontaine fire is ablaze once more! Descending back to Earth from Above the Blur, Fontaine's third album 'Back Yard Tire Fire' is straight lit !

A digital only release, this cooker - containing musical & vocal cameos by a few of our favorite people & local musicians (see track list below for credits) - will be available only on the digital platforms of the usual suspects which purvey sonic goodness to our ear holes!* **

Mixed & mastered by the unequivocally inimitable genius of Bubba Fontaine at the helm of Millenium Falcon-esque Squid King Studios, BYTF's hour long musical journey seamlessly meanders from one track to the next in a fashion reminiscent of every Gen X'er's #1 desert island album, Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Yes. We said it...And please, by all means, forewarn your moms and your mom's moms that all of a sudden in January 2019 there is a moment afoot that you and she and she's she should pay ambient attention to as homage to all that was once great & good with respect to music: the stuff that only 1992 could provide whilst the logs simmered in a burnt orange 179 degree smoke on a summer night along the edge of the woods while they were out of town visiting the relatives for which you couldn't care less.

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    Leo 4:46
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    Lush 3:17
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