Backyard Tire Fire


Beware the pyro-pups for the Fontaine fire is ablaze once more! Descending back to Earth from Above the Blur, Fontaine's third album 'Back Yard Tire Fire' is straight lit !

A digital only release, this cooker - containing musical & vocal cameos by a few of our favorite people & local musicians (see track list below for credits) - will be available only on the digital platforms of the usual suspects which purvey sonic goodness to our ear holes!* **

Mixed & mastered by the unequivocally inimitable genius of Bubba Fontaine at the helm of Millenium Falcon-esque Squid King Studios, BYTF's hour long musical journey seamlessly meanders from one track to the next in a fashion reminiscent of every Gen X'er's #1 desert island album, Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Yes. We said it...And please, by all means, forewarn your moms and your mom's moms that all of a sudden in January 2019 there is a moment afoot that you and she and she's she should pay ambient attention to as homage to all that was once great & good with respect to music: the stuff that only 1992 could provide whilst the logs simmered in a burnt orange 179 degree smoke on a summer night along the edge of the woods while they were out of town visiting the relatives for which you couldn't care less.

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    Leo 4:46
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    Lush 3:17
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