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Welcome to the homepage of Indianapolis based composer, producer, recording engineer, and guitarist - Bubba Fontaine.  This will serve as 'home base' for all musical updates, video works, as well as live performance details.

Please check out some of my current audio and video works while you are here!


B U B B A  F O N T A I N E 


Robots of Gaia - First Week - and Updates 

Good morning, Friends -  

I can't thank you all enough for checking out 'Robots of Gaia'.  We had a fantastic album release week.  Between the top platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Bandcamp), we have had over 1000 streams, over 100 downloads, 4 digital album purchases, and featured on 2 playlists, and one podcast interview!  So, again, thank you for your love and support!  I'm absolutely floored with the response... 

So, what am I working on now?   

Well, I certainly haven't stopped writing/creating.  In fact, I have multiple projects going on all at the same time.  I wrote a script for a short film (it's a stoner dark comedy) that I'm going to submit to a specific film festival next spring.  We plan to start filming it this summer.  I have material put together for my next EP that will be titled "Quarantine Hygiene" - hoping to release before the end of 2020.  I have a second "digital short" about an argument with an ice maker (should be funny).  And lastly, I have a rather lengthy chamber piece for woodwinds and percussion that I'm going to record, release as a single, AND create a video for called "Time Fragment". 

So many projects, and not enough time in the day.  :) 

Writing updates like this keeps me on task, funny last night I had to write down all my ideas and prioritize them, otherwise they don't get done... 

Stay well out there, friends.  And, Thank You again, for listening to my work! 

Much Love,  

b u b b a  f o n t a i n e

New Single Release - Ollie 

The first single from 'Robots of Gaia' is now available on all your favorite streaming services.  A reggae version of an old classic called 'Ollie' - hope you enjoy!


Robots of Gaia tracking = Completed! 

Hello Friends and Robot lovers,

I'm excited to report that the tracking for my next album "Robots of Gaia" has been completed!  AND, I just finished one of the first videos for this project... check it out below:


The Robots are coming, the Robots are coming.... 

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

The 'Robots of Gaia' project is more than half way finished.  There is still a little tracking left to do - clarinet, flute, alto sax, a few drum tracks, and a few vocal tracks.  That said, this project is coming together much quicker than anticipated, and the preliminary mixes have been very well received.  I'm hopeful that this album will be done by Spring, 2020, and I might release a single prior to the album launch.  Needless to say, I'm stoked to be releasing some new music!

There have also been rumors of upcoming live performances of 'Bubba Fontaine Music'.  This is a big band - 8 musicians on stage, hired dancers, and theatrics,... well, more on that in 2020.

For now, that is all.  Enjoy the Holidays - more in 2020.

-Peace and Love

B U B B A  F O N T A I N E



Marshmallow People - Short Film/Video 

Finally - the 'Marshmallow People' video is complete.  Originally, I had intended this to be a short film, however throughout the editing process, it really ended up being more of a music video.  The music from the album 'Marshmallow People' attempts to tell the story of a young man whose ultimate quest is simple; to find love, money, the man with glass eyes, and a ride to the nearest gas station to pick up some smokes...

Hope you enjoy!

B U B B A   F O N T A I N E

New Album Available - Marshmallow People 

I don't always wrap CD's, but when I do it's with marshmallow wrapping paper for my 'Kickstarter crew'!  It is officially here, and available!  Our pre-order campaign through 'Kickstarter' was a success, and now the album 'Marshmallow People' can be ordered directly through my website.  I'm so excited, and relieved, to have this project completed.  The video accompaniment will be uploaded next week.  

After the holiday weekend, my focus will shift back to composition... which I'm really looking forward to.  I will be putting a new project together which will hopefully be performed live... but probably not until mid-2020.  More on that later, for now, thank you and enjoy your beverage of choice while cranking up the psychedelic sounds of 'Marshmallow People'!


B U B B A  F O N T A I N E

Marshmallow People available for PRE-ORDER! 

It's finally here, folks!  I have created a couple of different options/packages for purchase through my KickStarter campaign.  This was a very special one for me, the song writing on the album span 15 years!  Some of the songs date back to 2002-2003 when I was collaborating musically through AOL instant messenger.  And, of course, some are very recent pieces of music... some written for a woodwind quartet!


Thanks for your consideration!

B U B B A  F O N T A I N E

Marshmallow People - It's Complete! 

Exciting news, Friends! 

The final mixes, as well as the album artwork, for the 'Marshmallow People' project have been finished!  Yippie!  

Last week I had an opportunity to send two of the tracks to Uptown Sound Productions, a mastering studio here in Indianapolis, and I absolutely loved what they did to sweeten them up.  One of them, Dr. Bon Heir, is available for free by clicking HERE. The remainder of the tracks were sent to Uptown Sound this morning.  I should have them all back in just a couple of weeks. 

So, we are absolutely on schedule with this project, and I'm still aiming to release this on September 1st.  I'm also working on a way for you to pre-order this album, stay tuned.... the announcement for this coming soon! 

Lastly - I received confirmation that 'The Squirrel Soup Sessions' CD has shipped, and is on it's way to SquidKing HQ, it should be here by Tuesday this week!  So, be on the lookout for it's availability in the coming weeks as well! 

All for now,  

B U B B A  F O N T A I N E

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